Appling Healthcare is the premier healthcare provider for Appling County and our surrounding communities. Our highly-skilled and compassionate medical staff delivers the highest quality patient-focused services using leading-edge technologies and treatments. 从儿科和初级保健到老年人生活和急救服务, 足球比赛下注致力于提供您可以信赖的医疗保健服务.

Cardiopulmonary & Respiratory

This specialty team can diagnose some of the most complex disorders and issues. 他们的诊断服务包括肺功能检查, Arterial Blood Gas tests, stress tests, Holter monitors, EKGs and echocardiograms.


乔治亚州六个四级创伤中心之一, Recipient of the Stroke Gold Quality Achievement Award from the American Heart Association, Expert and Compassionate Care 24/7

General Surgery

足球比赛下注的外科医生技术精湛,质量上乘, 以病人为中心的护理以先进的技术于一体, caring environment.


Staffed 24/7 by certified professionals committed to quality diagnostic testing, 足球比赛下注的全方位服务实验室是DNV和COLA认证的.

Mental Health Therapy

Senior Life Solutions offers outpatient mental health therapy to help older adults cope with day-to-day living and the emotional issues that can occur at their age.

Nuclear Medicine

This specialized branch of medical imaging uses highly advanced technology to obtain detailed images of the body to help identify disorders and diseases.


Appling Nursing and Rehabilitation Pavilion is a 101-bed residential facility delivering exceptional nursing care and rehabilitative services with all the comforts of home.


足球比赛下注提供全方位服务的门诊药房对公众开放, 提供个性化的药学服务和咨询.

Pulmonary Rehab

This custom-designed program includes a multi-faceted approach to combat the progression of your chronic lung disease.


走在医学成像新进展的前沿, 提供卓越的诊断和治疗质量. Services include MRI, CT, Mammography, Ultrasound, X-Ray, DEXA Scans and Nuclear Medicine.

Rehabilitation & Therapy

Offering Occupational, Speech, and Physical Therapy to all populations of pediatrics and geriatrics.

Senior Care Unit

This short-term 30-bed geriatric facility provides diagnosis and treatment for older adults who are experiencing a variety of psychiatric illnesses. Staff takes pride in providing compassionate, solution-focused care in a safe environment.